Laidback Luke at Wild Knight, 3/8/12

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Laidback Luke Wild Knight Thursday, March 8, 2012

As everyone sipped on gin n' juice, Laidback Luke threw it down.

Last night's show was an interesting combination of EDM followers and a Scottsdale crowd. The difference was clear, too, but it didn't stop anyone from grabbing a drink and having a great time.

Laidback Luke hit the stage with energy. The venue was packed, and though there wasn't much a dancefloor, the crowd took to the little space there was with gusto. Luke threw up a heart sign with his hands and dropped them right as he dropped a beat.

Luke is making EDM original, and live he cuts out the cheese factor entirely. Mixing his show up with his new single, "Speak Up", bringing out his own flare on Skillex's "Cinema" [which everyone knew...of course] and even mixing in Daft Punk into his own work, it was a continuous party.

The crowd got a little annoying (and things between the EDM fans and 40-year-old dudes making passes got as weird as you might expect), but Luke never let things get stale.

Making his second stop on his North American bus tour, Laidback Luke made a lasting impression on newbies to the EDM/Global dance scene.

By the end of the night, everyone was throwing up the infamous double 'L' for Laidback Luke, finishing up those gin n' juices and heading out.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Laidback Luke at Wild Knight

Personal bias: If another intoxicated person breathes his toxic smelling breath in face again...

The crowd: Typical Scottsdale. Not all entirely EDM fans; there were a lot of "club" fans. Girls in the shortest dresses and tallest heels/guys in their club attire or looked like they just got off work. Douche bag attire here and there.

Random notebook dump: How the hell are these girls standing up all night in heels?! It's got to be the alcohol numbing the pain.

Overheard: "Dude should I go for it?" ... "Yeah, dude she's a skank." Hmm what a lovely conversation that was to have to stand and listen to.

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