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Lamb of God

Lamb of God exudes metal -- long hair, a gregarious nature, and insane solos -- and puts on a superb live show, as this two-hour flick shows in detail. One of the best parts of the band's performance is the extravagance that is Chris Adler's drumming. The man has 18 cymbals and he uses them all. Indeed, Killadelphia is made for the fans. Yet unlike many other band movies, this doesn't focus on the individual members but on how Lamb of God is as a group. And surprisingly, that includes footage of vocalist Randy Blythe belligerent and ready to fight, a scene with the band confronting Blythe about his drinking problem ruining shows, and even a drunken brawl where guitarist Mark Morton knocks Blythe out in the streets of Glasgow. With Killadelphia you get far more than an insane live show in Philadelphia (complete with the biggest circle pit Philly's Trocadero has ever seen); you get insight into how the band really works. Sure, these guys can drink every night, but they also punch each other in the face. Towards the end of the DVD, Morton confesses, "We're probably not the band you want to be." Maybe not, but Lamb of God is the band we want to watch.
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Chelsea Mueller
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