Landmine Marathon Featured on Brooklyn Vegan

Tipped off from a friend over at Waved Rumor, we were alerted today that prominent music blog Brooklyn Vegan featured Phoenix's own Landmine Marathon as part of the blog's CMJ coverage. Well, kinda. Landmine didn't play as part of the official CMJ Music Marathon, but that didn't stop Brooklyn Vegan contributor BBG from gushing about the band's performance at Gramercy Theatre in New York.

The band was joined by Warbringer and Diamond Plate, but BBG focused on Landmine's set, saying:

Landmine Marathon wear their influences proudly, from their new and very-similar-to-Entombed logo all the way down to their Bolt Thrower/Napalm Death-influenced riffs, it's clear that LM worship at the altar of early Earache and the early days of death metal tape-trading across the Atlantic. Grace is an enigmatic frontwoman, and she seemed to have a good handle on the bigger live stage with a barricade. I still prefer to see them in a dingy basement.

Always nice to see a local band get some Big Apple love.

Check out Brooklyn Vegan's excellent photoset and review here. Gallows, the band latest record, was released on September 27. Check out a cut from the record, "Knife from My Sleeve," featuring the band at a slow burn until about a minute and 30 seconds in, when the band steps on the gas pedal.

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