Last Exit Bar & Grill Launches Facebook Page

In addition to remaining open, albeit with a new owner, Tempe live music haven Last Exit Bar & Grill recently launched a Facebook page, courtesy of new owner Jack Maverick. Local music fans can stay up to date on what's up with the bar and interact on Facebook.

"We made a Facebook and it's totally lame right now," Maverick posted on a MySpace bulletin via Last Exit's page. "But add yourself and we'll keep you informed on what to do and how to get in touch with us and what's going on and on and on at the Exit. Much love. I don't like the fact that it calls your friends "Fans" when really we're all just family."

"Fans" can also stay updated on shows on the venue's Web site, which lists performances through July 31. Stand out show: Indie rockers Snake! Snake! Snakes! will headline Friday, June 19.

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