trippin' out with the Squid

Last Minute Love...

A few weeks back I wrote


in my column Revolver about the instrumental sensation that is

Attack of the Giant Squid

, and in the blog I've


Squid homeboys

An Aesthetic

as well. Both are fucking great bands, and I just received word from An Aesthetic's singer/guitarist Sean Wilkes Booth that both bands are playing tonight at Modified, for a mere five bucks. The Squid goes on at 10 pm, An Aesthetic is up at 11:30.

I love Modified, but its only disadvantage for an avid concertgoer like myself is the lack of booze. Not that I've never snuck it in there before (sorry Kimber), but it's a pain in the ass. I understand why, of course, but it's still a disappointment. Luckily, the boys in the bands feel the same way, and are smartly having pre- and post-show imbibements right down the street at the Roosevelt Bar. See you there suckas. Buy me a drink yo...


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