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continues to rage on Ear Infection, thanks in great part to his admittedly posting Myspace bulletins to his 45,000 friends. (PEN15 wrote "I WISH THIS WOULD STOP SO I DONT HAVE TO SEE 26 MYSPACE POSTS A DAY BY MARSHALL BECK," so we know where all the comments are coming from.) I've read and re-read my posts and the comments, and I will admit this: on the interweb/blog thing, I'm a lot more likely to throw around words like "pussy" and other pejoratives. And some of Marshall's fans, like Andrea, have gotten their panties really bunched up over the matter, writing shit like,

HONESTLY fucking talk shit about my friend once more brendan so help you god, since you are just god damn talk and i know you wont meet me or marshall face to face get over your sorry fucking self and find something new to bitch and groan about!!! why dont you write somemore bull shit stories about anna nicole smith i mean thats smart talk about someone who is dead so they cant kick your ass the way i want to, god your job is like scooping dog shit up in a dog park, you have no talent and you are ignorant you trash talk people who do nothing but good for the music scene and instead try and put them in some bad sorta light thinking if you make them look bad and try and give them negative attention maybe they wont be as cool as they are, sorry buddy but marshall fucking beck is a fun smart big hearted easy going, down to earth guy and you can talk as much trash as you want but all you are doing is giving him attention and making him and his kick ass bands more known so i guess thanks bc he deserves all the publicity he can get and i hope everyone takes a listen to his music and all you do is help make him more famous and help his bands grow!!! but you still need to either man the fuck up and take the ass beating you have coming for even thinking that you could talk shit about someone like marsh and get away with it or know that one day i will meet you or find you and you and i will have a talk and have to work this out one way or another!! until your next lame ass attempted of slander fuck you you fucking dumb fuck

Can't wait, Andrea, I'll bring you a thesaurus so you can find some new synonyms for "fuck."

Anyway, in the meantime, I emailed Marshall personally, to basically remind him that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. This was his response:

lol... dude I wouldn't waste my time with you or the New Times. You guys are a little fish in the world, especially the metal one, I have much bigger ones to fry. You publicly attacked me when I asked you guys to assist me in doing something good for the community, so I simply posted a few bulletins to my collective 45,000 friends on myspace to see what they thought of it and you got the reaction you did. I'm not special forces but I was one of the top amateur boxers in the state of Arizona a few years back, the only reason I never went pro was because I wanted to pursue music more passionately. You calling me a pussy was extremely ridiculous because everyone, myself included, knows that I am anything but. Anyways, I could careless about all the blogging although I did enjoy reading some of the comments and appreciated the free press. I'd much rather receive negative press from you guys anyways because controversy sells and draws intrigue. - Marshall

My point is this Marshall — you're worried about Madhouse's venue, you wanted to let myself and New Times know so that we can help a venue out if possible; not a bad strategy, but you already acted like a cocksucker to the very same people you're trying to recruit to a cause.

People in the music industry locally who care — you, me, journalists, promoters, club owners, other musicians — are the ones who put sweat and energy into fixing problems like that. So it's best if you make friends or at least cordial acquaintances with your fellow enthusiasts. If that were the case, if you'd not encouraged a phalanx of myspacers to call one of our writers a cunt, we'd be a lot more receptive to emails like the one you sent. It's just logic, humanity, and empathy. I doubt that we're on opposite sides of many issues, we probably agree on a lot, but if you come at me, other writers at my paper, or other people in the industry like an arrogant pissant, you'll get nowhere. You'll just look like a self-absorbed jackass pissed off because no one listened to what the great "controversial" Marshall Beck had to whine about. Wrong strategy. Really, try the other method, hang out with other people who care whether they're metalheads, fans of yours, or whatever. You'll be amazed how much easier (but less fun than these internet wars, I'll grant you that) getting your points across is.

You admit, flaming one another is fun for both of us, and I'm down to battle on the internet with anyone who disagrees with my opinions (hopefully I do it thoughtfully and with a great deal of consideration to the subject), but if you really care about things like Madhouse's situation, you need a different technique. Hopefully other folks with similarly passionate concerns will learn from your lesson — don't start out being an asshole and then pretend that didn't happen just because your intentions are good. Good luck buddy.

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