Late Night Light Rail Starts This Weekend

At last, the train we've wanted to ride is finally pulling up to the station, so to speak.

METRO light rail is becoming a post-midnight express as of tomorrow with service offered until last call on weekend evenings. The trains will run approximately every 20 minutes until 2 a.m. when the last ride of the night departs either the westbound or eastbound termini, ultimately arriving at the opposite end of the line an hour later.

Which means you can possibly stay out later this weekend at tomorrow's First Friday or Saturday's various Fourth of July festivities without worrying about risking the wrath of the cops (and saving a few lives, as well). So order up another round or spend some more time trying to get the digits of that chick that keeps blowing you off, since Valley Metro's got your ride home covered.

Make sure to save a little extra pocket change, however, as fare prices have also recently increased to $1.75 for a single ride and $3.50 for an all night pass.

And if you're looking for some places to debark and drink, be sure to revisit our Night Train bar crawl we published back in December.

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