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LCD Soundsystem

In recent years, James Murphy has undeniably helped direct the hipster strata of New York music. DFA, the label that he produces with partner Tim Goldsworthy, is the Neptunes of indieland, lending guidance and technical savvy to a who's who of exploratory bands, from the Rapture to Black Dice to Radio 4. While DFA was fine-tuning those acts' dance-rock hybrid, Murphy found time to indulge his own disco-leaning alter ego, LCD Soundsystem. With some memorable singles behind him, including "Losing My Edge," a bass-funk odyssey laced with clever, amusing music-elitist rants, Murphy has finally unleashed this anticipated full-length. Tracks like "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" feature fuzz bass loops and stomp (and, yes, cowbell), complementing sweaty sermons. Though Murphy attempts emotional transitions with blah balladry, it's best to opt for his pseudo-cool on the pulsating breaks of "Disco Infiltrator" and the electropop of "Tribulations." Any hint of irony will seem lost amid Murphy's harmless geek aggression. On this disc, Murphy proves he's quite capable of bridging the gaps between Can, PIL, and Prince with spastic white-boy soul.
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Kiran Aditham