Lenny Kravitz at Comerica Theatre, 2/12/12

Lenny Kravitz Comerica Theatre Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lenni and Lenny, together at last. Until last night, I had been waiting years to say that.

The baby-making music was full-speed ahead at Lenny Kravitz's show Sunday night. Clearly, the crowd was disgustingly excited, everyone on their feet before Kravitz even took the stage.

He easily proved that he's still the same rock 'n' roll sex symbol he's been for so many years. Plus, the guy's still cool enough to pull off wearing sunglasses (indoors!) on stage.

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His backup band -- which he referred to as "the guys that stand side by side with me every night" rather than some guys that make him look good -- was fantastic, especially the trumpet player. His guitarist sure knew how to shred, too. Lenny's guitars were beautiful, the music was great, and the show was everything people expected and more.

Lenny was all about love and respect. He and his band really brought the funk!

Kravitz shook his groove thang during "Black and White America" and had everyone doing the same. Something about that guitar riff from "Are You Gonna Go My Way" naturally made everyone let loose and get a little wild. The string of hits he went through near the end of his set helped hold the crowd's attention, considering some of the songs from his new album aren't really anything special. Regardless, his powerful, breathy falsetto was on point.

Kravitz was playful with the crowd, stating, "I didn't know Phoenix was so hip!" and dabbing the sweat off the forehead of a lady fan in the front row.

Kravitz put on one hell of an encore. "Ushers, let the people celebrate," Kravitz said during the encore. What a boss. After inviting everyone to rush the stage, Kravitz created an awesome spectacle. He eventually made his way around the theater, singing and high-fiving fans while his band continued to jam. Now that's a solid end to a great show.

While I didn't have low expectations by any means, I definitely didn't expect the show to be as much fun as it was. From one Lenni to another, bravo.

Critic's notebook:

Last night: Lenny Kravitz at Comerica Theatre.

Personal bias: I've considered Lenny the man since I was a kid. Besides, who could deny that?

The crowd: Lots of 30- and 40-somethings who liked to dance.

Overheard: "Why doesn't he just call the song 'Mulatto America'?"

Random notebook dump: I've never heard a roomful of people chanting my name until last night. Man, was it awesome. I felt like a rock star.


Come On Get It Always on the Run American Woman It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over Mr. Cab Driver Black and White America Field of Joy Stand By My Woman Believe Stand Rock and Roll Is Dead Rock Star City Life Where Are We Running Fly Away Are You Gonna Go My Way

Encore: Push Let Love Rule

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