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Less Pain Forever, and Peachcake

This split CD from indie rock duo Less Pain Forever and pop/electronica twosome Peachcake begins with Less Pain Forever encouraging you to "Throw Yer Babies." The leadoff track not only has LPF's usual quirky synths and Zappa-esque vibe, but also contains lyrics like "The fire on the mountain is a hermit with some torches." It ain't exactly Bob Dylan, but LPF guitarist/bassist/singer James Karnes and drummer/keyboardist/singer Christopher Pomerenke would rather make cheesy, boingo-bass pop rock along the lines of They Might Be Giants and Ween anyway. The first five tracks on the CD belong to them, from the soulful-but-nasal singing on "Quantum Leap (Oh Dracula)" to the nonsensical la-la-la hooks of "Let's Go to Hell."

Songs six through 10 come from Peachcake, a band that should receive the award — if someone ever makes one — for Best Song Titles. There's "Stop Acting Like You Know More About the Internet Cafe Than Me," with its catchy dance beat and sparkling digital effects, and "Jeremiah, Stop Taking Bukowski So Seriously," which is adorned with a lush digital drum beat and sort of a Depeche Mode-ish downer vibe. There's also "Are We Accidentally at a Party?" and "Did I Just Do That, or Was It Jim Carrey?"

These two Valley duos have a friendly rivalry (if you can call bringing a ring announcer onstage, hurling fake babies at each other and smashing piñatas "friendly"), but this split CD shows Less Pain Forever and Peachcake for what they really are: two equally innovative, fun bands.

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