Let Them Eat Peachcake

I always enjoy the little missives I'm sent from Stefan of weirdo duo


, but this one was so exceptional I had to share it with everybody, 'cause it's a damn thoughtful and interesting idea. Check it...

2007 has gotten off to a relatively slow start. We've been home now since the beginning of December, meandering through the holidays, amongst the family bruhaha, and though it's been nice, and a bit of some needed downtime, or a necessary "break" in the action of sorts, I couldn't help but think about how I wanted it to be over with haste, so we could move on and get the ball rolling to continue the progression(s) toward our goal of bettering and improving the world, and its current homeostasis.

We wanna see you kids, and finish this album so we can rock the world together!

Fortunately, through all the hardship, boredom, relaxation, good times of catching up with family, and the holiday feeding frenzy (literally and figuratively), there was one thing that's kept me sane...the finding/discovery, and listening of new music, or music I should've checked out long ago, but neglected to, or that was meaningful and relevant to me through the last stretch of the year.

Below is a list of bands that made their way to me through the holiday ambiguity, goodness, and craziness through various mediums of friends-random desire...I hope you enjoy my post holiday mix, of sorts...

I encourage that you share, and add on/substitute songs, or subtract songs and create your OWN Post-Holiday mix that sums up the last part of 2006, the holiday's, New Years Eve, New Years, and the beginning of 2007. This should be an interesting little challenge!

Let's get started, shall we...

Peachcake's Post-Holiday Mix CD, Part 1:

Brand New- Sowing Season (Yeah) (I listened to this a lot when going through rough times with a lovely lady) Xiu Xiu- I Luv the Valley (OH!) (I listened to this at the frustration of the music industry) The Presidents of the United States of America- Mach 5 (I listened to this to cheer me up from the hard times with the lovely lady, and imagined putting on some of the most happy-go-lucky performances ever!) Gnarls Barkley- Crazy/Just a Thought (See above) The Flaming Lips- Bad Days (I listened to this while having a mild break-down on the Spitalfield tour. Thank you Flaming Lips, for giving me hope that every thing is going to be ok, and is achievable if you just stick with it) Shiny Toy Guns- Don't Cry Out (This song is responsible for connecting to me to said lovely lady, who is a very special person) Underworld- Two Months Off (This song could just take me out of any mood and automatically put me in a super good, happy one) Beck- Cellphone's Dead (This song helped me recap the good times with friends/lady friend) Belle and Sebastian- The Boy with the Arab Strap (Great song for being on the road, on tour) Brand New- Jesus (See aforementioned Lady friend songs) Tag Team- Whoomp There is Is (This song will always take me back to the Hellogoodbye tour, and hanging out with all the kids from HGB, Cute, and Ozma!) The Knife- You take my Breath Away- (Another one of those songs that makes me think of the good times!) Ima Robot- Creeps Me Out (Helped focus on the goofy/awkward points of being in a relationship.) Junior Boys- Like a Child (This song just makes me really pensive, and can really take me out of all emotion and make me observe exactly what's in the moment, it really helped describe the mood of the last month) Kinky- A Donde Van Los Muertos (This song just makes me wanna move my body, and gives me inspiration musically) Radio 4- This is not a Test (This song created much inspiration to get percussion/live percussive elements more thoroughly ingrained in our set/music) Hot Chip- The Warning (This song is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time) Hot Chip- Over and Over (Solid Groove Remix)- A remix of a great song by one of my fav. bands of the year, it really just made me have great visualizations of how things should sound when music is playing. Smashing Pumpkins- Drown (This song just made me appreciate music that will always be important, influential, and a classic to me) James Brown (in general) I got really into him this year...despite some of his personal flaws, I really admire, and am inspired by his ability to sing/dance/perform like he does, it's magic! The Flaming Lips- When You Smile (This song makes me the happiest boy ever, and makes me thinking that making the world a better place is possible). Death Cab For Cutie- I will follow you into the Dark (I think this song is simply incredible, and I'll never forget the music video. It really reminds me of how possible it is to love someone and care completely for them). The Killers- Read My Mind (This one helped me a lot through a rough time) Echo and the Bunnymen- The Killing Moon (Summed up the way I felt about a relationship.) Les Savy Fav - No Sleeves (This song makes me think of not being afraid to freak out!) Head Automatica- Beating Heart Baby (I guess it just makes me think of someone special). Of Montreal- Gronlandic Edit (I love songs where people sound out of their mind with paranoia or bitterness). Say Hi To Your Mom- Let's Talk About Spaceships (This pretty much sums up the way I've felt for the entire last month of my life in things).

We need to just take some time out and share feelings, and emotions with one another...it will give us great insight into each other, and help us understand ourselves and those around us better. Please make a Post-Holiday mix for your friends, and share it with them, if you have time.

Let us know what music helped you and was part of your soundtrack to the end of the year shinanigans, and the beginning of the year mood! Feel free to repost this!

Thank you, and hope you have a wonderful day.


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