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Let Young Buck Get Things Going Proper This Weekend

Sometimes a show falls through the cracks that deserves more coverage in the 'Nix. It's no one's fault in particular -- it can be a tough task to be on top of every single noteworthy show that comes to The Valley. Such is the case for this Friday night as I had to dig through some stuff to see that Nashville rapper Young Buck will be gracing Tempe's The Sets with his presence. It shocked me to see a big name like Buck tucked away at the relatively small venue -- and it also showed me that some light needs to be shed on Young Buck appearing in The Valley.

Young Buck has three albums to his name, 2004's Straight Outta Cashville and 2007's Buck The World with his self-released album T.I.P. being released in 2005. Both Cashville  and Buck were released on 50 Cent's G-Unit label, with Cashville featuring the hits "Shorty Wanna Ride" and "Stomp." Both songs were featured on Brooklyn electronic duo Ratatat's 2007 remix album Remixes Vol. II -- my first introduction to Buck's smooth, infectious rhyming style. 

Once I heard what Buck was capable of, I was instantly drawn to his unique style on Southern rap. Granted, I needed two white dudes from Brooklyn to turn me onto his music, but better late than never. Admittedly, rap isn't exactly my forte, but I recognize talent and authenticity in music when I hear it, and Buck has definitely got that going for him. On top of all that, the man has an insane amount of fun on the mic, and that is what makes his style feel so effortless. 

The dude's got major label clout, a bevy of big name friends (50, Bun B, David Banner) and an impressive corral of hits to his name. Having been to The Sets it's surprising to see him booked to play the venue -- yet that doesn't matter as long as he brings enough intensity and energy to start off everyone's 4th of July weekend right proper.

Young Buck will play The Sets this Friday, July 3, with guests C-Thug, Trap and plenty more.
Check out Buck's official website at His myspace can be found at

Check out The Sets website and calendar here.

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Michael Lopez