Level Up: Seven Musicians With Geeky Backgrounds

Say what you will about our sustainability, the heat, or our wretched politicos, but Phoenix is a haven for nerds. We have The Minibosses, who play heavy covers from video games like Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon; and Mega Ran, who raps over Final Fantasy and Mega Man soundtracks. Both are totally awesome.

I may not participate in cosplay (though I could totally pull off Vanille's look), but I do make a point to replay Final Fantasy VII and IX at least once a year. I may have never fully gotten into the whole anime thing, but I still have a penchant for Hayao Miyazaki.

The point is: Deep down there's a little geek in all of us, so we can all revel in these seven musicians that arose from nerdy sources and are fully badass.

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Melissa Fossum
Contact: Melissa Fossum