The Liar's Handhsake, in a sober moment

Liar's Adventures and a Show Reminder


told you

last week about the marathon I was going to attempt with the Liar's Handshake on St. Patrick's Day - playing four different venues to four disparate crowds in the 24 hours that constitute the holiday. Since then I've been getting asked how it went - the short answer is, wait until next Thursday (3/29) and you can read all the sordid details in Revolver, my music column.

It was a championship effort by the boys though, and a few details didn't make it into the column that's running - like Nolan, the standup bass player, assisting in breaking a monstrous plate glass window on Scottsdale's Craftsman St and almost taking off Casket Life's Ben Barnes' hand in the process. Or getting so high in the parking lot of Frasher's Steakhouse that Nolan could barely stand, just prior to the Scottsdale Block Party gig. Or the fact that Billy lost his guitar somewhere in Scottsdale that night and had to improvise for the show the next day opening for Flogging Molly again at Mesa Amphitheatre.

All in all I was impressed as fuck though, and my body's still feeling the repercussions of the drinking and standing around all fucking day long. The Liar's Handshake proved themselves to be one of the premier acts in town - especially at Mesa Amphitheatre in front of a sold out crowd. Here's a song (Boston Eric's personal anthem) to give you a taste...

"Trading in Your Friends...": http://media.newtimes.com/id/739233/

B-Movie Musical Madness

And also, a reminder, that despite it having been last June that the Impossible Ones were telling me about their reunion and comeback CD, it's finally come to fruition and the album (which I have in front of me, finally) is being released this Saturday at a free show at the Yucca. You won't want to miss this one.

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