Lil Wayne - Celebrity Theatre - 9/3/2013

Lil Wayne
Celebrity Theatre
September 3, 2013 (View the full slideshow.)

Few critically acclaimed artists make critics reevaluate that acclaim as frequently as Lil Wayne. Not in the sense that some of his albums are better than others--in the sense that some of his choices are so strange that they make us wonder if all that critical acclaim was ever deserved, or just some weird mass delusion. (Witness the reaction to this week's claim that his "cum tastes like holy water," which I guess is supposed to be a good thing.)

Lil Wayne's mystique has always been his willingness to swerve in unexpected, inadvisable directions. Sometimes it leads him into innovative hip hop, and other times it leads him into oncoming traffic.

Tuesday's show was no exception to the confusing Lil Wayne rule: A rescheduled(?) charity(?) performance at half-full Celebrity Theatre(?)

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Dan Moore