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Lil Wayne's First Interview from the Big House

Rolling Stone gives a nice little recap of the first interview Lil Wayne's done since he's been in prison.

Weezy called in to Funkmaster Flex's radio show from the New York penitentiary, and is apparently already planning post-release collaborations. Wayne said, "I've been saying to myself that I really wanna do a song with either Andre 3000, or my man, I really like my man Tech N9ne from the West Coast."

More importantly, where will he draw inspiration from in the confines of the prison walls? Not from new music.

Wayne's iPod was confiscated, and he's got no plans to expand his musical horizons while in the slammer. "I don't listen to no music," he explains, "If I am listening to anything, it's sports. That's because of the simple fact that I've never listened to any other music but my own."

I'm sure that has all the makings for a killer new record.

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