Li'l Zay's Angry New SB 1070 Video

If you've never heard of rapper Li'l Zay don't feel out of the loop -- he's not a high profile dude even in the hip-hop scene -- but his video for "The 48 Bars of Power" might catch a few eyes.

Zay has both Latino and African American roots, and teamed up with music video director Michael Shahin to do a rousing vid protesting Arizona's soon-to-be-in-effect immigration law SB 1070. The racial profiling aspect is what bothers him most.

"I feel the people who passed this law and the governor who signed it have no clue what racial profiling feels like," says the 18-year-old rapper.

I was pretty impressed with this project. This video isn't just a dude and a blue screen -- footage was shot on the border and at a rally at the Arizona capital. It's just a shame this song wasn't done in time for inclusion on our SB 1070 protest songs collection, A Line In The Sand.

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