Lindsey Jordan, a.k.a. Snail Mail.EXPAND
Lindsey Jordan, a.k.a. Snail Mail.
Michael Lavine

Lindsey Jordan's Guitar Licks Elevate Snail Mail's Lush

It is fitting that Lindsey Jordan, better known by the moniker Snail Mail, signed to Matador Records late last year. It only takes a few strums of her atmospheric guitar in Lush, her full-length debut, to transport you back to the label’s heyday when they were releasing landmark records like Liz Phair's Exile In Guyville.

The comparison is not lost on Jordan. In a recent conversation in Pitchfork, the 18-year-old revealed to Liz Phair herself that she was in a band that covered Phair's music. The name of that band: Lizard Phair.

And yes, Lush features songs exuding the same rawness and intimacy that made Guyville such a striking debut several generations ago. A multitude of music writers would not be so quick to make the comparison if it didn’t. But what makes Jordan such an interesting artist is her skills as a guitarist. Her licks made waves when the Baltimore-based artist performed at Coachella this year. Give credit to Jordan’s focus and her guitar teacher, Wild Flag guitarist Mary Timony. She is one to watch.

Snail Mail is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, July 3, at Pub Rock. Tickets are $12-14 and are available at psykosteve.com.

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