Line in the Sand: A Collection of Protest Songs From Arizona Artists Opposed To SB 1070

Arizona musicians, it's time to stand up.

As the fallout from our state's crazy new immigration law continues to spread, it's been really great to see stars like Shakira and Zach de la Rocha join in the fight. I'm sure we all appreciate their efforts immensely. But it's also important that we, as Arizonans, show our own mettle in opposition to SB 1070. We don't need people from California coming over to wage this war while we stand idly by.

Arizona's music community needs to battle against SB1070 in earnest. We need to tell our elected officials how absurd we think this law is, and how much harm it's doing our state. There's no better way to do that than by writing and recording a few good old fashioned protest songs.

Arizona musicians, Phoenix New Times wants your SB 1070 protest songs. Please, over the next two weeks, take a few hours to add your voice to the growing cacophony of discontent. We'll collect those songs and make them available for download. We're not sure if we'll figure out how to sell them, or just give them away instead, but if we do sell them proceeds will go to a charity fighting against this short-sighted and racist legislation

E-mail music---at---newtimes.com for details and please help us put out the word.

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