Lisa Loeb
Lisa Loeb
Juan Patino

Lisa Loeb Is America's Singing Librarian

If you can’t beat ’em, sell ’em. Some artists find their images stifling, and the thought of projecting and maintaining a “personal brand” chafes them. But others know how to lean into the quirks that make them stand out. Lisa Loeb is one of the latter.

Immediately recognizable for the cat-eye glasses she wore in her “Stay” music video, Loeb has embraced her image as America’s singing librarian. She even has her own line of signature eyewear. While she’s best known for her contribution to the Reality Bites soundtrack, there’s a lot more to Lisa Loeb than “Stay (I Missed You).” She’s released a string of best-selling records like Tails and Firecracker, full of memorable moments and distorted guitars.

In addition to cutting her own albums, Loeb is also a busy entertainer onstage and in Hollywood. She co-wrote a musical called Camp Kappawanna, co-starred in a Food Network show with Dweezil Zappa called Dweezil and Lisa, and has worked as a voiceover artist on TV and in film. She’s also released a few children’s music albums, where her sweet voice is a natural fit for lullabies and sing-alongs.

Lisa Loeb. 7:30 p.m., Saturday, August 4, at the Musical Instrument Museum, 4725 East Mayo Boulevard; 480-478-6000; mim.org. Tickets are $37 to $42 via Musical Instrument Museum.

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