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Listen to the new Dodos Album Time To Die Right Now

The Dodos, an indie rock duo from San Francisco, made a splash on the music scene back in 2008 with their second album Visiter. That album landed them on everyone's radar (including mine) and made them a force to be reckoned with in the indie/folk/baroque pop/whatever the hell you want to call it scene. Their newest album, Time To Die, will hit store shelves this September, but the band is doing us all a solid and currently streaming the album now.

Time To Die will be released soon on Frenchkiss Records  -- digitally on July 28 and physically on September 15. Frenchkiss, however, has started a new website featuring a stream of the album so you can listen to all the tracks beforehand. The album stream can be found at:

The website has a video of The Dodos' lead singer Meric Long elaborating on just why the band has chosen to stream the album now, saying that the album has already leaked on the internet (yes, indeed, it has). He says they will "get to the bottom of [the leak]," but in the meantime, he encourages fans to enjoy the "high-quality" stream they are offering.

The album will be available, as I mentioned earlier, as soon as July 28 in digital format. If you check the bottom right-hand corner of the album stream's website, you will notice a free download of the album's third track "Fables." If you'd like that song right now and don't want to send your email for anything, go ahead and click here.

I'd love to go on about the album, but this is prime pickings for a New Release Tuesday post. Trust me, though, when I say the album is fantastic. It is very much worth your time.

Check out The Dodos' myspace at

Much obliged to the fine folks at Pitchfork for pointing this out.

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