Listen: What Laura Says' New Song "Weekend Habit"

When What Laura Says released Talk last May, I tried to categorize the band as "neo-boogie rock," stating after their excellent gig at the Icehouse: "At its core, and perhaps at its best, the band gets down like something your weird-but-cool uncle might jam in his Astro Van."

My tag never quite stuck, but it looks like I'm not the only one who has a hard time pinpointing exactly what the Lauras do. In last week's KWSS' TMI Rock Local Awards, the band was labeled a "jam band," a term bassist Mitch Freedom took umbrage with on TMI's Facebook page.

Speaking with Freedom for this week's issue (on stands tomorrow), he seems to prefer the term "psychedelic soul," and "Weekend Habit," the B-side from the upcoming "Fire Ring" single bears that idea out. Riding a drum box groove borrowed from Sly and the Family Stone's There's a Riot Goin' On (a band favorite), the song is all plucked bass, electric piano, bubbling organ, and hazy, slow jam vocals.

It's kind of a spacier take on the Steely Dan-nodding "Bloom Cheek" and "I'd Dance For You;" less bombastic than Talk's "Girl's Not Gonna Leave" or as frantic as "Keep Running Shoes Special."

Recorded at Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa, the band plans to press the two songs on vinyl, tiding fans over before the next full length.

You can listen to "Weekend Habit" below, in all it's long form glory (changes are a radio edit of the song will sport a cut running time), and possibly catch the song this Friday at WLS' gig at Compound Grill.

What Laura Says, "Weekend Habit"

(This track is no longer available to stream.)

What Laura Says is scheduled to perform Friday, January 6, at The Compound Grill.

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