Literal Band Names: Radiohead, Black Keys, Meat Puppets, and More

There are some weird band names out there, so we let our imaginations go wild to envision what some of these names would literally look like.

We chose Radiohead as our jumping off point because love them or hate them, the band is playing at Jobing.com arena tonight, and it's sure to be one of the most talked about shows of the year.

The band was originally called "On a Friday," but swapped out that Smiths-y moniker at the behest of EMI Records. The new name, Radiohead was inspired by a Talking Heads song, connecting the "heady" bands forever.

In real life, having a radio for a head would suck. Imagine an NPR pledge drive going on in your brain.


Merrill Garbus is a strange lady. I'd totally expect her to live in a brightly colored house that has tuning forks laying all over the place. After all tUnE-yArDs just want to be "Gangsta" while minding their own "Bizness."

Meat Puppets

Bringing a whole new meaning to "dinner theater," this one just sounds unsanitary.

Black Keys

Yeah, this image of The Black Keys is fairly obvious. At least I didn't post a picture of a keyboard.

Crystal Castles

Although luxurious, Crystal Castles would not make a very comfortable living space.

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