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Local Band Born Loser And The Hangers On Launch LGBT Awareness Campaign

Phoenix-based indie rock band Born Loser And The Hangers On have launched a new promotional campaign -- but it's not simply to promote their new EP, BLATHO. The five-piece band has signed on for a campaign called "I'm a Loser" to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth.

Sam DeCross, whose company EsDeck Entertainment represents Born Loser, writes in an e-mail that the campaign "aims to bring to light the fact that LGBT teens and young adults are not as alone as they may feel, and even when the world treats them as outsiders, there is a massive LGBT community that they always have a home in."

"The campaign also applies to every other 'outcast' in the world," DeCross continues. "Most members of the band went through these issues and continue to today, so when prepping for their new album release, they opted to promote with a meaning rather than try to appeal to the broad general market."

But the music of Born Loser And The Hangers On does have a "general market" kind of appeal, employing catchy, danceable drum beats, tight pop hooks, and singer Chelsey Louis' breathy, slightly twangy vocals (á la Jenny Lewis). Their debut EP was recorded by Michael Beck at SoundVision Recording, where such artists as Ke$ha and Marilyn Manson have recorded.

According to the band's website, the EP has songs to listen to "while washing dishes, jogging, baking, laughing, sleeping, weeding the garden, or even surfing. But nothing else. It is limited to those activities previously listed."

Check out the video for BLATHO's "The Mosquito Song" below and decide for yourself.

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