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Local Bands Needed to Play for More Than 35,000 Runners at Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon

You better believe running a half-marathon or marathon is pretty dang challenging. And sometimes, the only way to get through those 13.1 or 26.2 miles is a little musical motivation to get those feet a-churning. With the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon, more than 60 local bands bust out their tuneage for the more than 35,000 runners from around the world, and the event is currently looking for musicians who are interested in helping out runners pound out those miles.

"We're really excited to continue to give local bands the opportunity to perform for athletes who have traveled to Arizona from across the country," Erika Delemarre, marketing coordinator for Entertainment Solutions, which books talent for the event. "Our Rock 'n' Roll Marathon bands and musicians are always blown away by the high energy and positive response they receive from their 'rotating' audience comprised of literally thousands of marathon runners. This event is such a great way for these bands to showcase their music and get their name out to an incredibly diverse audience."

The race is scheduled for Sunday, January 16, and there will be bands on stages for every mile. Besides getting the chance to play for sweaty peeps who get high off moving their feet, bands who perform also get the chance to earn a spot on an 18-song local music compilation CD that goes out to every participant.

And if you're looking to score some practice for the big event in the Valley, Entertainment Solutions is also booking for the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon, which goes down Sunday, December 5. Entertainment Solutions hopes to book all the bands within the next couple weeks, so to enter your band for consideration, log on to

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Nicki Escudero
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