Local Indie Types Offer Up Their Best of 2008 Lists

From the this-is-super-cool-but-would-have-been-way-too-much-work-for-us file comes this: Our man Murph has put together a nice assortment of best of 2008 lists by local indie types on his blog, So Much Silence.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World and Kevin Murphy himself are both in love with Frightened Rabbit's The Midnight Organ Fight while Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers does the (iTunes-aided?) What I Listened To Most This Year thing, where of Montreal's and Portishead both scored with their newest. Brian Coughlin of Kinch gives some love to locals like Black Carl, What Laura Says and Sleepwalk, a Robot. Murph's brother Brendan of Source Victoria has my favorite list, an eclectic assortment that includes Kanye, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, and Elbow.

By the way, Miniature Tigers and Kinch both made my list of the best Phoenix albums of 2008... and I do put things in numerical order. Pick up a paper Thursday to see where they landed.

Also, Charlie's list prompted me to look at my own iTunes Top 25 most-played list, where I was somewhat horrified to learn my top song was released this year. And what is it?

Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma."

Weird. I swear, from my show review you can see I don't even like that band that much!

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Martin Cizmar
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