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Local Metal Standouts Make Good: Relapse Records Signs Gatecreeper

Relapse Records obviously knows a good band when it sees (and hears) one. The Pennsylvania-based label is home to an absolutely killer lineup of grind, death, and the heaviest of metal bands including household names (at least in cool households) like Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, Obituary, and Iron Reagan. And as of June 15, you can add one more band to the list: Arizona's own Gatecreeper.

"We work really hard at every aspect of this band. We spend a lot of time on the music and try to write the best songs possible, but it's not just about that. Everything from the visual aesthetic of the artwork we use, to the shows we play, is very intentional. Everything is dialed in and easy for people to absorb," says Chase Mason, lead singer of Gatecreeper.

The hard work has paid off for the band, whose members are very excited to be label mates with bands they are fans of and look to for inspiration. Gatecreeper is currently finishing up their debut full-length LP, which will be released on Relapse this fall. After recording is completed, there will also be a tour starting in September.
For Mason, this is something of a dream come true, and came to be without the band knowing it was something Relapse had even been considering.

"Some of the Relapse staff came out to one of our shows in Philly last summer, but they didn't make themselves known. I guess they have just been keeping an eye on us since. We finished the new record, and our friend Dom [Romeo] from A389 sent it over to them. They loved it ,and the rest is history. We are very lucky and humbled to be part of the Relapse family," Mason concludes.

Catch Gatecreeper while you still can in some of the more intimate venues around the state. On July 19, the band plays the Master's Chambers in Phoenix with Undergang, Spectral Voice, and Freedom.

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