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"Locals Only: Phoenix" Shows Off the Valley

What to do when you're sick of staying up late and waking up early as a news anchor, but don't want to give up the opportunity to spotlight the Valley? Why not jump on the social media bandwagon and start your own show? Former FOX 10 and ABC 15 anchor Jenn Burgess did just that with her new program, Locals Only: Phoenix.
The weekly show, which launched Sunday, February 21 and broadcasts every Sunday at 5 p.m., has plans to broadcast from a different location every week and feature prominent artists, businesspeople, musicians and more during the hour-long programs.
"It's a fresh perspective on the untold stories of Phoenix, the gems that are right in front of us, but we breeze by in our busy lives," Burgess says. "It's also a venture focusing on how people consume information. We're working to make it fun and relevant for our viewers."
Burgess co-hosts the show with social media guru Jennifer Maggiore. The twosome chat up their guests while also chatting online with fans on Twitter and Facebook, as you can see in the video on the jump.

"Viewers are able to direct content and are just as much a part of the show as we are," Maggiore says. "We also want to support local businesses and non-profits by exposing them to viewers and to share our passion for living in the Valley with a positive and fresh perspective."

This past Sunday's show was broadcast from the Heard Museum and featured a personal trainer, a make-up artist and musician Gabriel Ayala. One of our cover men, social media expert Jeff Moriarty, has also made an appearance.

The organizers are currently looking to book more guests, so if you're a local musician looking to make a splash, log on to and e-mail [email protected] Here's video from this past week's show.

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Nicki Escudero
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