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Locals ROAR do Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter, the taste-making blog featuring performances by up-and-coming acts, is offering a leg up to another Phoenix act.

ROAR, the new project by Asleep in the Sea singer Owen Evans, did four tracks for the site, scoring one of their signature portraits and a pleasantly verbose write-up largely concerned with the author's opinions on Weezer singer Rivers Cuomo:

Every time I get to writing about him, I tell myself it's the last time, but then you hear an album that does what he should be doing/used to be doing so very right, and it burns a hole in me. I can't keep the lid on and I roast Rivers Cuomo all over again, kicking the ground, punching the walls and bad-mouthing the horrible lyrical bed that he made and sleeps in so fucking comfortably... The Phoenix, Arizona, one-man-band ROAR is what we can imagine to be a child of Cuomo's wide-spread power-pop influence, but just as much the offspring of Brian Wilson playing his piano in the middle of a sandbox filled with dog turds and Van Dyke Parks thinking about dreamy, ginger-scented girls, whose wholesomeness is unparalleled and boys who have the purest (sometimes with devils inside them) intentions toward them that we could possibly expect out of boys of any era."

(Note: I don't really hear it -- I get a much more vaudevillian, Apples In Stereo indie-pop vibe from the band.) 

You can check out the Daytrotter tracks here or download ROAR's record for free here.

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