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Los Amigos Invisibles @ Crescent Ballroom

What happens when you cross acid jazz, disco, funk, and a performance-driven Latin dance troupe from New York by way of Venezuela? You get the sexy sounds of Latin Grammy winners Los Amigos Invisibles. The six-piece ensemble left its underground hometown scene 20 years ago to trot the globe and tighten up an infectiously groovy sound. Los Amigos capitalized on the success from 2009's terrific turn, Commercial, by compiling eight tracks that didn't make the cut on the award-winning album and releasing them on 2011's Not So Commercial. "It's interesting because we felt that Commercial did really well in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries, but not so well in the U.S. and in Europe," guitarist Jose Luis Pardo says in an interview with the New Times. "The opposite was true for Not So Commercial, so with that we learned that we shouldn't underappreciate any of our tracks." Fresh off another Grammy nomination, this time for Best Latin Rock, Pop, or Urban album, they're back on the road and bringing their "End of the World Tour" to the lavish sound system at the Crescent Ballroom later this week. If you're in the "get up and dance" business, this is the place to be.

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Anthony Sandoval
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