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Lou Reed and Metallica's "The View:" The 10 Best Comments on the Song's Soundcloud Player

It's been a weird couple of weeks for strange collaborations -- like that Jack White/I.C.P. jam -- but there are few stranger musical team-ups weirder than the forthcoming Lou Reed and Metallica album, Lulu.

The first single from the record, "The View," went up on the Lou Reed and Metallica SoundCloud last night, and honestly, it's about what I expected. Reed rants, Metallica riffs. It sounds like a Lou Reed spoken word reading slapped over a Reloaded b-side, but hey, the drums thunder, and the guitar solo rules. It's middle of the road: neither the crowing achievement in either camp's catalog nor the worst thing they've put to tape.

But what do the people think? I combed through the comments on the Soundcloud page, and picked out my 10 favorite comments, which I think illustrate how the fans of both artists feel about the song. Read on for listeners comments, my comments on their comments, and to listen to the song.

The View by Lou Reed & Metallica

Bruce McLaughlin: Very VERY Pathetic. So sad for Metallica to go out this way.

Bruce also left a few other comments, including that he'll buy the new album from Megadeth instead, and that he tried to like "The View." But he listened -- so at least we know he gave it a shot.

Velvetsfan: I do like this. It is so nice to hear Lou doing rock and roll again. It's been a while Lou.

I like New York, a lot, too, Velvetsfan.

iceboxcake3: Sad, but true . . . this sucks.

Hey, I see what you did there.

MilkKHarvey: I thought this pairing couldn't go wrong, and apparently they didn't. It's gutsy, jammy, and Lou's lyrics fantastic as usual. Probably better than Mirror Ball.

I don't know. I always thought Mirror Ball (Neil Young + Pearl Jam) was badass. Also -- you thought this pairing couldn't go wrong? I love your confidence, but wonder where exactly it's coming from.

i€åRµ§: Ahaha I actually love it! Altho it looks like you're going to offend a lot of your more... nascar oriented fans here Metallica

Yup. Plus, Reed is going to piss off pretty much everyone who likes his records, too.

Deafwish: James Hedfeel should start drinkin' again

"Hedfeel" rocked a lot harder when he was trashed.

ziogigietto: WTF???

You know, I asked the same thing the first time I listened to "Heroin" as well. It grew on me.

Orionhellraiser: I just loved this riff!! Lou gave poetry to the song and Metallica gave the Jam unstoppable force!! I´ll be looking forward to buy this album HELL YEAH!!

I love this reaction. Sincerity is a beautiful thing.

Harry Doble: Well, it's exactly what I thought it would be. It's a cute novelty, but 87 minutes of this material? hoping to see if they try on some thrashier stuff with Lou on vocals, all i'm really looking forward to

"Cute novelty" sounds about right. If the album is going to work at all, let's hope it's not all "Lou Reed croaking over a Metallica track."


I love how this one could be taken any way you want it.

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