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Love Me Nots Cancel Shows For Rest of 2010 After Singer Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

The Love Me Nots have scrapped all remaining 2010 tour dates after singer Nicole Laurenne was diagnosed with breast cancer. The problem turned up during a routine exam and the prognosis is good after surgery, says a press release from the band's label.

While concerts have been canceled, the band will be working on a new record during Laurenne's treatment, and hope to tour in support of a new record in early 2011.

Please keep Laurenne in your thoughts and/or prayers, and hope for a full and speedy recovery.

We asked Laurenne about the experience so far and got a thoughtful response, which is below.

It is all just very surreal right now, since we just found out during a routine screening. I am very lucky in that they caught it early, but unlucky in that there is a family history of this. But maybe that has also helped prepare me for what I need to do now. My bandmates are, as usual, the people I rely on to keep my spirits up, and they do a truly great job of that. When I threatened to write a song about this ordeal once it's all over, they threatened to write a tear-jerker about their high cholesterol. But most of all there is Michael, who is just about all I need every day to get through just about anything.

It's been quite a year, with the Europe volcano mess stranding us over there last Spring, and then our next Europe dates canceled due to airline strikes, and now this. But this will all be behind us soon, in the broad view of things. The new record is just about fully written already and there's a silver lining in that, now that we have to postpone our recording dates, we'll all have a little more time to get ready for the studio.

The prognosis is really good that I'll be back to my normal life in a few months, so I'm just going to keep looking ahead. There are plenty of women who have gone through this with flying colors, and they are my role models now.

And...hopefully this is a reminder to everyone, male and female, to get regular checkups - they really could save your life.

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