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Lower Dens' "Candy" Video: Trust Falls and Trannies

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You don't have to work in a stuffy cubicle to know that team-building exercises are kinda bullshit. I've never come away from one feeling more reliant on my coworkers, but maybe I'm just too much of a stubborn jerk.

Anyway, the amount of trust falls and zip-lines in the new Lower Dens video for "Candy," off their latest, Nootropics, might also give you a false sense of security. That's what it seems to be going for, anyway, but in a good way, tinted with trippy visuals and awkward humor.

There's a blue-nosed transvestite that rock climbs in heels, and heavy use of GoPro camera footage. People are smoking during exercises and there's a sort of pseudo-scientific edge to it all. The song is beautiful -- like all Lower Dens songs are pretty -- but it isn't meant to take itself seriously.

In the same way that a corporate outing to teach you about building morale won't do much but give you fresh air, Lower Dens seems bent on giving you a confused smile and a strange sense of accomplishment.

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