Ludachrist at UK Thursdays, 1/26/12

Ludachrist UK Thursday at School of Rock Thursday, January 26

The scene: Two dudes in plaid vests, decorative cross necklaces dangling from their necks.

The song: "Jump," by Kriss Kross, colliding with "Ass" by Big Sean, then samples of Nicki Minaj fading into AC/DC's "Thunderstruck."


Their name recalls Dirty South rapper Ludacris, but their spunky mashup was more in the spirit of Girl Talk. Opening with a mash-up between classic rock and club rap, Ludachrist drew the audience in. Throughout the performance I questioned how on earth can someone take such an absurd mix of different genre artists and manage to make it sound so well constructed.

Ludachrist remind me of well known mash-up artists Girl Talk, 5 & A Dime, and Milkman, mainly because they embrace well known classic pop and rock, mixing it with hard edged beats and modern electro motifs.

In comparison to last week's UK Thursday gig, which hosted local drum and bass artist, the difference in turnout was massive. Ludachrist brought out more people to the dance floor and bar. Some fans seemed a tad upset that the set wasn't longer. I know I was.

With the same kind of charisma as Zeds Dead, the duo seem to have the potential to blow up, all they need is the pomp and circumstance of the bigger acts: Bunches of confetti, balloons and toilet paper.

But no more girl talk, real talk instead: Ludachrist knows how to have a good time. And with the added plus of crafting new sounds out of songs that practically everyone knows, we just may have the future "Ludacris" of EDM.

Critics Notebook: Last Night: Ludachrist Personal Bias: Yeah got me. I am a sucker for mash-up. Crowd: Constantly stomping and throwing their hand up in the air. The classic X both the hands and wristbands threw up to the ceiling upon request of the DJ duo. Overheard in the crowd: "I like their new sound."

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