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Lukas Nelson @ Celebrity Theatre

It's not just physical resemblances that bind and reveal family ties. My little brother just got married in a lovely ceremony at the Botanical Gardens, and though we look alike, more than a few people I'd never met before knew I was my brother's brother just by hearing my voice — our patterns of speech, our phrasing, where our words rise and fall; it's all pretty similar. Could people do the same for Lukas Nelson, even if he had a different last name? Probably, yeah. He's Willie Nelson's son, and he sings heartfelt and delicate country tunes. Final consonants get focus; vowels are reedy and emphatically sung. When not performing in his dad's band, Lukas Nelson, 24, fronts his own group, Promise of the Real, these days. Wasted is their newest release, and it pulls on a little swamp rock, some boogie woogie, and some blues, but this is country music through and through. When Willie & Co. swing through town on Sunday, July 22, for the performance at Celebrity Theatre, take a look at his guitar player. The young guy with the mustache and goatee may favor Willie, but maybe you'll be farther back in the crowd, and it won't be so easy to tell. Just wait to hear his backing vocals — you'll know.

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Chris Hassiotis