Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes

There's still the trademark Lykke Li pain and anguish felt in certain songs -- "Love Out Of Lust" and "Sadness Is A Blessing," to name a few -- yet songs like "I Follow Rivers" and "Get Some" show a darker, more stark path for Lykke Li's music. It's that tenuous struggle between melancholy and bravado that makes Wounded Rhymes yet another brilliant piece of Lykke Li's meticulous puzzle.

What the critics are saying:

BBC Music: Wounded Rhymes is another outstanding album, slightly better and definitely bigger than Youth Novels. Although there is a level of subtlety at work here far more sophisticated than most mainstream releases, the sound's sheer size is almost overwhelming.

Consequence Of Sound: Wounded Rhymes, though, offers a less atmospheric soundscape with more percussion alongside organs and frequent layered harmonies. This intensification of the sound mirrors her vocal performance perfectly - rendering Wounded Rhymes' tracks immediate and inescapable, especially visible on "Get Some"'s pounding African drums.

The Guardian: Lyrically, Li flits between aggressor (Get Some's provocative "I'm your prostitute, you gonna get some") and victim (all of Sadness Is a Blessing), while the closing Silent My Song features a line that sums up Li's own approach to songwriting: "You see pain like it is pleasure, like a work of art". The pain was worth it.

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Spin: And then on follow-up "Get Some," for which [Björn] Yttling imports heaving tribal drums, Li is back on the prowl, tenaciously conflating herself with a prostitute as she writhes all over the track. The dual objectives -- weep for me, fear me -- collide throughout, creating a dicey, but gripping album. So much for the cutie-pie routine.

Wounded Rhymes is out now via Atlantic.

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