Lymbyc System

Though the electronic indie rockers have long since ditched the Valley of the Sun for the Big Apple (via the Lone Star State) local music fans still hold Lymbyc System in high regard. And they should, as the duo, comprising brothers Mike and Jared Bell, have collaborated with Her Space Holiday and The Album Leaf to garner plenty of attention. Hip blogs like Brooklyn Vegan and 20 Watts have been yelping their praises, likening the group to such similarly minded outfits as Ratatat and Broken Social Scene. Shoegaze atmospherics share space with glitchy laptop beats and rousing brass stanzas before giving way to the kind of widescreen ambitions of bands like Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You, their partners on a 2008 split album. The brothers' anthemic guitars should clear out any straggling Noodles fans as they take to the hippie-trodden stage at The Sail Inn, though perhaps a few might be dazed enough by openers and fellow buzz band What Laura Says to catch a bit of a contact buzz from Lymbyc System's dreamy, soaring sound, a rare treat in Tempe since the boys have moved on to hipper boroughs.

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