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Lynch Mob

Aside from a dubious one-night stand with rap-metal in the late '90s, former Dokken guitarist George Lynch has remained heroically faithful to his cock-rock roots. After Dokken disbanded in 1989, Lynch recruited vocalist Ori Logan and started Lynch Mob — one of the great no-brainers in the annals of ego-driven eponymous band names. Propelled by riff-driven tracks like "River of Love" and "Wicked Sensation," the band's debut album (also titled Wicked Sensation) climbed to number 46 on the Billboard 200 — a respectable but disappointing showing that Lynch himself attributed to the rise of grunge and the wane of hair metal. Logan and the band parted ways soon thereafter, and Lynch spent the next two decades toiling in semi-obscurity, including an ill-fated reunion stint with Dokken in the mid-'90s. Well, now Logan and Lynch are back together — older, wiser, and tanner than ever and with a new album (Smoke and Mirrors) that pays respectful homage to Lynch's finger-tapping '80s hard-rock heyday. Anchored by bassist Marco Mendoza (Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy) and drummer Scott Coogan (late of Ace Frehley), it's hardly groundbreaking but enjoyable all the same. Call it comfort metal.
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Craig Outhier