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Madonna @ US Airways Center

What does Madonna have that Katy Perry likely won't? Staying power. Will Perry still be performing — and with such drive and determination — when she hits her 50s? Unlikely, as that pop bubble can burst quickly (remember Britney Spears once ruled the pop charts and now is a reality show judge). Yet Madonna has kept the creative juices of reinvention flowing by constantly staying abreast of the latest music trends and beats, designing dynamic dance steps, and moving with more energy than a squad of cheerleaders — who she occasionally imitates on stage (and looks plenty hot doing it). This is why Madonna — who also influences fashion movements (for better or worse) — remains timeless and more popular than ever, having sold more than a staggering 300 million records worldwide. Okay, a little controversy also helps — like the conical bras, the book of nude photos, kissing Spears on stage, and perpetuating a running feud with that other pop diva, Lady Gaga. More recently, Madonna called attention to herself by saying President Obama was a Muslim during a Washington concert. An Obama supporter, she claimed she was being ironic. Perhaps Madonna should just leave politics to the politicians and focus instead on her real audience, the fans that helped raise that pedestal.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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