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What's that low, rumbling sound peppered with shouting and minor guitar chords? Is it The Jesus Lizard, crawling out from under a rock for a "reunion"? Is it Steve Albini reviving his post-punk band Shellac? Nope, it's Seattle group Madraso, which has ripped several pages from the books of late '80s Dischord Records acts to write its own chapter full of lurching, guttural, deconstructionist rock. The three-piece band consists of drummer Chris Jager, guitarist and singer Jeremy Curles, and bassist Doug Owen, the latter of whom spent several years in 'Zona, playing for bands like Tucson's Fistsized and Valley terror-punks Cancer of the Piss. Madraso self-released its debut album, The Theme of Consequence, last year, and is now in the midst of a "winter tour." And since it doesn't look like The Jesus Lizard is going to regroup anytime soon, fans of noise jams would do well to check out Madraso's brand of mutated math rock.
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