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Magnolia Electric Co. Is Jason Molina's Masterpiece, a Decade Later

Ten years ago, Songs: Ohia released its 10th and final album, Magnolia Electric Co., marking the end of that band and the beginning of another, which would take its name from Songs: Ohia's final effort. Eight months ago, Jason Molina, the genius behind the record, died from organ failure in Indianapolis "with nothing but a cell phone in his pocket." It was the ungenerous end to years of alcoholism and depression. And today, Secretly Canadian released the anniversary edition of Magnolia Electric Co., almost universally agreed to be the finest Jason Molina record, a perfect distillation of everything he worked toward, a clear-eyed work of art that powers through, as Molina would have it, "the static and distance."

Something about all this feels like a true triumph, even if it's a triumph a little too late.

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Derek Askey
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