Make A Wish

As much fun as warehouse raves can be — what with all the thrill of thrashing around in some anonymous location that could be visited by the po-po at any moment — occasionally, we dig on getting some after-hours dance action in a legal venue. Such will be the situation at the "100% legal" Make A Wish event on Saturday, November 10, at the Cell Block Venue inside Papillons Too, 535 South Gilbert Road in Mesa, which promises all the sweaty fun and PLUR of a normal rave, where one can bust some moves without the threat of getting busted by the fuzz. Headliner DJ Prism of Las Vegas will spin magnificent mixes of progressive and trance, backed up by locals like Luminous, Matthew Harris, and Cosmos. In addition, several turntablists will face off to duel on their respective record decks — including Yello versus Metatron, Harmonious battling Jeff Trevors, and Starr taking on Sixx. Doors open at 8 p.m. for 21-and-over (9 p.m. for all ages) and won't close until 6 a.m. Admission costs $15. Visit www.myspace.com/makeawishevent.
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