Maren Parusel Plays Yucca Tap Room Tomorrow, July 6

The upbeat melodic pop songs of singer/songwriter Maren Parusel can turn someone with even the surliest reputation into a purveyor of positive vibes.

Case in point: Pall Jenkins from Black Heart Procession, a band known for creating deep, dark, introspective songs. Jenkins produced Parusel's debut album, Artificial Gardens, and when their perspectives came together, Parusel's infectiously happy take took over. The album is all bright harmonies, optimistic lyrics, and dreamy pop.

On the heels of her debut release, Parusel will be heading out on her first tour of the United States. The Germany-born songstress will play at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe tomorrow, July 6.

Check out more details and the official video for Parusel's "Kiss You" after the jump.

Parusel's Tempe show will mark only the third date of her U.S. tour, but she's already garnering accolades. The Montreal Examiner wrote, "This band was a well-oiled machine that was ready for the big time," while signonsandiego.com hailed Parusel's "ability to deftly mix and match influences, then add unexpected twists."

Maren Parusel is scheduled to perform with Captain Squeegee, and Daytes on Wednesday, July 6, at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. Call 480-967-4777 for more information.

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