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Margot & the Nuclear So and So's @ Rhythm Room

The decision regarding how to present songs in recorded form can be a tricky one for some bands. That's especially true for acts like Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, a Indiana chamber-pop band that can't even decide what to put on its records. Margot and Co. had a minor skirmish with their label two years ago over which songs belonged on what was supposed to be their sophomore album. The result was two separate albums: Animal!, with the band-sanctioned tracks, and Not Animal, with the label's picks. The discs had only five tracks in common. Buzzard is the group's new disc, released on the band's own label. It's a leaner, meaner collection of tunes and more focused than past Margot releases. Backup vocalist Emily Watkins has left the band, now touring as a six-piece, and taken her Rhodes piano with her. But what the songs have lost in terms of lusher orchestral arrangements they make up for in mood. Califone's Tim Rutili contributed to the recording of Buzzard and Red Red Meat's Brian Deck produced the album and is now drumming for the band, which is for the better.

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