Maria Taylor Playing for Free at Crescent Ballroom Tonight

Okay, so Crescent Ballroom has been open two full weeks, which is long enough for us to review five shows there, eat one of Chris Bianco's burritos, and listen as all the "cool kids" started calling the place "Crescent."

Stateside and Crescent owner Charlie Levy has enjoyed the past two weeks, too.

"Really, truly, the support as been out of this word," Levy said over the phone today. As a bit of a thank you, the Maria Taylor (of Azure Ray) is officially a free show for all those 21 and over.

If you already bought tickets to hear the Saddle Creek folkie song? Well, you will receive a full refund.

Head on over to Maria Taylor's official site for two free downloads from her album "Overlook," and check out the video for "Along for the Ride." Get ready to cry in your drink, Phoenix. For free!

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