Mariah Carey in 140 Characters or Less

She has her own Twitter account, so it's no wonder Mariah Carey inspired her fans to share the love over Twitter themselves after her performance Saturday night at the Dodge Theatre. Here's what her little lambs had to say about the show.

Oh, and you can check out our review here.

@prtypearl- Mariah carey concert was hot, loves it!

@C_Rizzle_23- Mariah Carey concert last night was amazing! i love that girl.

@Phillipwilson10- i'm still in up in the sky from the Mariah Carey Concert last night

@Michael_A_T- The Mariah Carey concert was too short! She only sang 7 songs

@divat70- Just got home from the Mariah Carey concert. Got hugs and autographs from her opening act, Rydaznrtists. We were SO close to the stage! ;o)

@dancer4141- Mariah Carey concert was amazinggg!

@MARiSABABY08- had a great weekend went clubbing at after life N mariah carey concert gosh it was so over the top :) dont want it to end :(

@Lcsupergirl- Just out of the concert of Mariah Carey it was nice to see her husband singing wow love it great show....

@dustyn21221- mariah carey iz the shiznit. she was awsome at the concert. the best performance i eve...

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