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Marilyn Manson Gives Lady Gaga's 'The Remix' a Boost

As if Lady Gaga hasn't saturated the music business enough already, last week, she released her latest album, The Remix, in the U.S. It's a whole lotta Gaga (two albums and an EP) for less than 2 years, but she may as well milk her schtick while she's hot, right?

It's a very smart business move, considering her original remix album has already sold more than half a million copies worldwide since its debut in March. And since Gagaloo insists on holding off on releasing brand spanking new music until 2011, it's a great little disc to tide fans over until the next album.

The 10-song album contains all of Gaga's singles from both The Fame and The Fame Monster, with different producers for each track. Since she employed 10 different artists to re-tool her work, it makes for a diverse album with songs ranging from downright pretty to disco-y. Passion Pit turned "Telephone" into a thumping synthpop track, while Stuart Price completely re-did "Paparazzi," giving it jungle tango feel with new vocals, too. 

The Sound of Arrows turned the dark "Alejandro" into a bright, summery jam, something like Miley Cyrus could sing. "Just Dance" gets trance-y thanks to Richard Vission's touch, "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" by FrankMusik becomes almost dreamy thanks to the manipulation of Gaga's vocals, and "Bad Romance" gets such a dance makeover by Starsmith, that it would fit perfectly in a disco roller skating rink.

The stand-out on the album, though, is "Love Game." It's the song that, if you don't want to purchase a whole album of more Lady Gaga songs, you should buy itself because it's so different from the original that it sounds like a completely different song. And the coolest thing about the song: Marilyn Manson lends his creepy vocals to the track, making for a monster duet made in heaven.

Manson's voice gives the originally innocent and fun song an almost demonic quality, and it's so awesome to hear the goth rocker paired with a pop star. You can bet Manson would never appear on a Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera track, and it's just another reason why Gaga proves it's easy for her to cross over to many genres. Hopefully this and her "Telephone" duet with Beyonce will open up the doors to more duets.

Even if you're sick to death of these songs, if nothing else, The Remix is a great CD to work out to and is high energy enough to get you pumped for a night out at the clubs.

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