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Mark Sultan @ Trunk Space

Looking back, it's safe to say that the hyperbolic fervor surrounding the early 2000s' "rock revival" was embarrassingly misplaced. Jack White certainly built a black-and-red empire, but The Strokes have been battling skepticism for their past three albums and The Vines barely made it out of the starting gate. In truth, the kind of artist that should have been honored for revitalizing the excitement and urgency of classic guitar rock is a Canadian guy in a turban who occasionally calls himself Kib Husk. In my imagined school of 20th-century youth sounds, Montreal-based songwriter Mark Sultan teaches a master class on prolific dedication to the "if it ain't broke" mentality. Sultan has been a part of a number of popular Canadian punk bands (some with silly names like the Spaceshits), and his bountiful solo output is somewhat messily organized under a bevy of monikers (some with exceptionally funny names like BBQ, Von Needles, and Blortz). His most recent rendering of garage rock stomp and doo-wop verve is a pair of records, Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want, both bursting with melting malt-shop melodies and tambourine-shaking grooves. If Dick Clark were still here, he'd be proud to introduce this guy named Blortz.

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