Marshall, Marshall, Marshall...

Marshall "Fucking" Beck and his army of internet-tards still have their panties in a bunch about my recent posts involving him and Madhouse Records, found





Beck wrote, "Although I do find humor in the fact that you call me a pussy from behind the computer screen and leave your name off the column. It's to bad I would have had fun paying you a visit down there at your work in front of all your co-workers and your beloved Michelle."

My name's straight across the top of the screen when you go to Ear Infection (http://phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/?cat=4). Brendan Joel Kelley - it's not a mystery who writes this blog. And come on down to the office - I don't work out of there but I'm sure security would have fun with you and your little veiled threats (made from behind a computer screen, of course). You gotta understand man, any valid points you have to make are negated by your abrasive assholeish attitude. So no one pays attention to little bitches who just like to blather on about what an asset to the music scene they are while you're acting like a douchebag. Learn some people skills homey; this industry, and rock criticism especially, doesn't respond well to chest-pounding and nut-grabbing. That's why your cheese-metal bands don't go anywhere.

I've gotta say though, it's been fun hearing from all of your teenage brigade of supporters who actually think you're some sort of rock star. Much like the fake Anna Nicole Smith story we ran on the cover last week, it just shows you how many gullible, naive dumbfucks are out there. Thanks for not disappointing.

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