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MartyParty @ 910 Live

Sometimes the anticipation of sex can be just as thrilling as the act. The same goes for MartyParty's bass, especially heard in concert. His slow, ever-building melodies — constructed with bleeping synths and snare — peak, then pause, before giving way to deep valleys of dubstep bass lines. As a listener, you know that the peaks and crests will hit long before they arrive, and that's the fun of it. Sprinkle a pinch of Dirty South hip-hop vocal samples and you have your self a MartyParty set. The combination is sexy, simultaneously making you want to scrunch your face beyond recognition and burn straight through the soles of your shoes on a dance floor. MartyParty began to compose music in 2005. As a software programmer for 15 years before that, he'd matured some of the geeky skills required to produce electronic music, (mainly tremendous technical and engineering abilities). Now, some critics have labeled Marty­Party's PANTyRAiD project with Ooah of the Glitch Mob "intelligent dance music." With his Skukuza and Blueberry Kush EP releases, both dropping since December, MartyParty started branding his genre "Purple." His live set? The "Purple Opera." Sunday's show will be his first opera of any sort in the Valley.

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Chris Piel
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